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EDF-113R Electric installation underground fencing EDF-113R shock fence

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  • EDF-113R Electric installation underground fencing EDF-113R shock fence

Features of shock fence for dogs:

1.Combination function of the in-ground fence system and remote training system .
2.Train up to 3 dogs from the same remote trainer, long range up to 1000 meter in open field
3.10 levels each of continuous and momentary stimulation
4.“Buzz” sound activated with a separate button
5.Two buttons “+” and “-” allow you to set intensity
6.Dog selection buttons allow you to select dog
7.LCD digital display for 10 stimulation levels and dog ID
8.10 seconds safety stimulation . Receive collar stop shock automatically when pets get stuck in correction zone more than 10 seconds .
9.Audible wire-break alarm
10.Beep warning with 4 levels of shock correction
11.Pets pass through In Ground Fence System safely without any shock corrections .
12.100M wire , 50 PCS flags and 2 Adaptors included
13.Water-proof receiver and remote trainer
14.Rechargeable receive collar and Remote Trainer (rechargeable 3.7V Li-ion battery)
15.LED low power indication, red light flash when battery is low.