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RDT800B 800m remote training collar

2020-05-01 01:56:45 View:108

  • RDT800B 800m remote training collar

Waterproof up to IP67, soaking in water can work normally.

433M RF mode is adopted, with a distance of about 1km. It is easy to pass through the wall, with obstacles and remote control.

TPU adjustable belt, strong and powerful, all copper needle buckle, never rusty.

Large screen display, so the parameters are clear at a glance.

Low voltage warning, avoid powerless shutdown.

Environmental protection and power saving design, using rechargeable lithium battery, once charging, can be used for more than half a month, avoid the trouble of frequent charging, and extend the product life. Protect the environment from dry cell pollution.

Sound, discharge, vibration and three functions are integrated to provide you with a variety of training programs.