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Joysfeel RDT1500C Rechargeable hot sale dog training collar

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  • Joysfeel RDT1500C Rechargeable hot sale dog training collar

Joysfeel RDT1500C is the dog training collar that one remote controller can control three receivers, and it is a professional pet product for large and medium-sized dogs, newly listed by Shenzhen Joysfeel Technology Co., Ltd. a dog training device manufacturer. In the remote control, depth waterproof and other aspects, do very well. Its main purpose is to train your dog and correct its bad behavior, such as: it will hurt people, like sniffing garbage cans, bullying dogs, barking at night, etc. This product is in favor of large and medium-sized dog design, please consider carefully when purchasing.

Joysfeel RDT1500C remote dog trainer has the following features:

1. The distance in open environment can reach 1500 meters, and the dog can be controlled easily.

2. One remote controller can train 3 dogs at the same time, and the signals will not interfere with each other.

3. Level 10 shock, voltage up to 2800v.

4. Level 10 vibration, strong vibration.

5. The sound is controlled by a separate button.

6. The "+" and "-" buttons can set the intensity of your discharge and vibration.

7. The "A", "B" and "C" buttons are used to select the dog you want to control.

8. LCD digital display includes: level 10 shock and vibration, function display includes dog ID, current mode (sound, shock or vibration), and battery power.

9. The shock and vibration levels on the transmitter are used for dogs of different sizes.

10. Silicone button, comfortable operation.

11. The transmitter and receiver are waterproof, and the dog can swim with receiver.

12. The transmitter and receiver are powered by rechargeable 3.7V polymer lithium battery.

13. Strong TPU belt.

14. Led low voltage indication function, when the battery is low voltage, the red light will flash, timely remind charging.

15. Full function multi dog training system.

16. No more than 8 seconds of continuous shock time to ensure the safety of the dog.

17. 1-year quality assurance, reliable use.