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Methods to summarize how to train the hound

2017-11-11 07:29:47 View:7814

How to train the dogs? Actually training the hound lovers of hunting experience is very rich in our country, sum up, including the hound of basic training, the puppy training primary and hunting. Now the points mentioned below:
1. The basic principle of dog training: in the absence of detailed puppies primary training and hunting before, first light hound must follow the general principles of training.
(1) the importance of training; The hound hunting skills, is partly genetic gain, part have been strictly practice training curriculum. A qualified hound, often from the hunter hard the results of the coach. No strict continuous training in time, the dog's innate breed is again good, also become a perfect gundog. Therefore, dog training is very important.
(2) the specialist training: training the hound, must start from the young dog, and by the specialist is responsible, not transform dog owners. If midway transform manager, it is difficult to obtain satisfactory success. More do not you have two days, he play, which inevitably scattered puppies, severely influenced the improvement in hunting skills. If the puppy as plaything, I grew up is only for one to play with dogs.
(3) training programs and training time; A good hunting, must be able to search, capture, bit pick up these three hunting ability, therefore, tracking search, chase attack and held up its prey, is the focus of the training. The purpose of training is in the minds of the puppies to form strong hunting conditioned reflex, to learn the three hunting skills, so as to hunter gives it hunting task in the future.
After the puppies are born, six, seven, eight this three months, is the fastest time it advanced neural development, is the golden period of coach puppies hunting action. Must carry out strict training system for puppies at this moment, to make it good hunting conditioned reflex. A year later, the hound development has been completed, the stand or fall of the hound is standardized, and training is difficult.
(4) training place; Puppies primary training can be the hunter living areas, such as a wide courtyard, rural threshing-floor, village leisure area, etc. But the puppy hunting movement training, must be conducted in a real mountain forest hunting ground. Through hunting ground training, fully developing the hound hunting skills, coach puppies learn to find trace search, chase attack and held up its prey and overcome do not conform to the requirements of the hunting activities. Puppies real hunting training, the more it hunting skills, the better, therefore, the hunter will often lead the puppy training of hunting.
(5) basic method; To the training of the hound, basic method is to encourage and enforce. Encourage the development of its hunting movements, forced to correct it not meet the requirements of the hunting activities, therefore, should combine encouragement and compulsory, as the basic ways of training the hound. Encourage means including temptation, puppy, by completing a hunter should be promptly given meat encourage; Puppies are scared to go bit up, hunters to the puppy. The hunter by the method of encourage or force the puppy training, must be moderate, not kicking at will. When the activities of the puppies do not conform to the requirements of the hunting, the hunter to tough action to correct its mistakes over and over again, patience taught it scheduled hunting movements, never indulge and indulgence, otherwise, will be in the hound had left a bad problems, influence of hunting in the future.
(6) can't go beyond the scope of requirements the hound, hound only certain primary accumulate experience and the ability to dominate their behavior, if the hound these behaviors compared with the thoughts and actions of people, it is wrong, therefore, cannot make unrealistic high requirements on the hound.
2. The puppy's primary training: from the puppies are born two months to six months during this time, is the primary training period for puppies. Puppies primary training including;
(1) to submit to the host command training; Hound's primary training, from the puppies are born two month, this period, the puppy brain begins to development, through training, developing puppy neurogenesis hunts conditioned reflex. Six, seven, eight, these three period of October is fastest puppies advanced neural development, and training the best of times. Ten months later, the hound of the development is mature, the stand or fall of hunting performance is standardized, and training has been very difficult. To this end, the puppy should be weaned in two months, holding back feeding alone, and give it a simple and loud name, such as "yellow", "" tiger", "black", etc., the hunter calls at any time, make the puppy developing brain nerve firmly remember his name. "Each feeding, hunter will call for the names of the puppy, puppy obey orders a shout to good habit. Often with a whistle voice, and even form a puppy hear host whistle to conditioning, this is very important for future forest hunting. Puppies learn some simple actions, to increase training distance gradually, gradually substitute encouraged to touch or pat forehead lure food. The hunter release orders must be simple, precise, such as" go ", "come back"... to repeated training, training, often can form strong reflex. Puppies grow to five or six months, for a hunting skills training. The first thing to teach it accurately perform "up", "don't move", "drop down" and "after", "bite" hunting commands. Such as puppies accurate hunting command, carried out by the hunter to touch to encourage, to give it some good food as a reward, to make it happy to follow the orders of the owner.
(2) follow the master's training: the dog to the people are very warm and affectionate, willing to follow behind the master, so the coach puppies is easy to follow the master began to lure available food, gradually do no food lure also love follow the master. However, to make the puppy can master followed closely behind not to run, must through the coach to make over and over again. Early practice follow the puppy on the surrounding scenery is very novel, sometimes run far smell, watch, the hunter would immediately bring it back. Compulsory measures when necessary, the coach puppies strop follow, habits and then cancel the item, eventually breaking into the hound the good habit of walking beside his master.
(3) the hound the intrepid personality cultivation; Puppies were born three months later, a hunter to bring it into the wild activities, often make it familiar with mountains and rivers, forests and other natural environment, cultivate the puppy intrepid personality. A good varieties of puppies, if all tied to the home, also will become a cowardly useless bad dog. On the contrary, if the puppy varieties is not very good, if can often practice, hunters often take the dog to mountain forests, will also be made into a fierce capable of good hound. Take the puppy field activities, don't be afraid it will be lost. Always call it, don't let it have a little separate activity, it is very bad to the cultivation of the hound search performance. The calling and whistle if puppies leave too far, the hunter can't make it back immediately, the hunter to stand in it, such as in situ, the puppy will come to find himself a master. If found the puppy hunter, hunter to encourage it, if it can't find the owner, the hunter to take the initiative to greet it. In order to develop the puppy intrepid personality, but also make my puppy in the wild, the gunfire. If the puppy heard gunshots, and fear, and hunter should be concerned about it, touch it, as long as the often heard gunshots, later will slowly adapted to the. In order to develop the puppy intrepid personality, that the dogs have been sniffing the smell of wild animals. Want to make a bowl of dog food made of skins, also want to find some skins call it smell, knead, to train the puppy's sense of smell and the enthusiasm of hunting animals, hunting to find trace reconnaissance and after the attack to lay the foundation. If there are conditions, the puppy six months later, want to call it the fresh meat that often eat, when to eat, call it smell before eating, animal when hunting in the future, not only the smell of wild animals will not cause the fear, it makes the hound nervous excitement, bold pursuit. Of the fierce character in order to develop the puppy, puppy play six months later when hunting, to strengthen the command call it learn to find a trace of it to search and attack. But puppies physical strength is limited, and no experience, hunters will consciously make arrangements for it several times against the victory, such as when other hunting down the wild boar, the hunter is going to bite a few command puppy again; Or put the wild boar down later, when a wild boar was a struggling, command the puppy went up again to bite a few mouth, this is a good way to enhance the puppy courage.
(4) the dog bit up ability of the coach: puppies grow up to four months later, a hunter in the courtyard or on the threshing-floor throwing objects, coach puppy bit up. Start, puppies picked up things often bite, the hunter will stop immediately, ordered it runs back to the host. To finish the action, puppy love to start must be achieved by food tempted. Dog bit up training, should be determined by the near and far, simple bit pick up after the completion of the task, to coach it complicated bit up task, such as throw objects into the water, swimming coach it bit up ability; Or throw something into the bushes, coach puppy bit up task on complex occasion. Puppy bit up training, begin to use food temptation, gradually changed to touch, to encourage, make the hound form strong conditioned reflex. For hunting bit gained ground in the future, bit pickup can gradually replaced by dead animals. Hunter throw the dead birds, beasts, command the puppy bit back to his master and coach bit as the common items, pick up the puppy completed this action, the hunter to immediately give meat. Increase bit up gradually from near and far, distance, coach repeatedly, until the puppy complete command every time, and then to the hunting ground, hunting bit up training. Training bit up hunting, the hunting ground. Kill rabbits, birds or shot down, hunters don't take, and come back to pick up a puppy bit command. Puppies completed this action, the hunter to found from the puppy and birds and beasts, immediately cut piece of fresh meat reward it. As long as the way that repeatedly coach, will surely make the puppy form strong conditioned reflex, the hunting skills to consolidate. If the puppy during hunting ground search, bit up some timid, hunter will lead it to go search, after a few such field coaches, puppy courage is big, also dare to bit up task alone. Puppies hunting wild bit up training is not difficult, but the hunter must unremitting, grades can be satisfactory.
(5) the hound tracing ability, in the wild, train the puppy's search beast tracking ability, needs to be done by two hunters. A hunter killed the first bird and beast dragged on the ground, and then again by the master of the hounds called suitable steps to find to find, the puppy found killed the birds and animals, the hunters would immediately cut piece of fresh meat reward, or use touch the forehead to encourage it. From near and far, far away gradually increase the distance, after the puppies can finish the task every time, must carry on the hunting ground field to find missing training.
No snow fall, is to train the puppy to find the best season of his steps. Field training the hunter took the puppy to hunting ground, hunting ground should choose in the hare not too many places, if too many wild free, started up constantly and trace chaos, is not conducive to training. A rabbit in the training, when started up to after the hare escaping, hunter with a hound along the trace again. Sometimes lost puppy, is in a state of wanders "stuck", lose track of where often behind the hound "stuck" wanders state, the hunter put the hound back to back a short distance, to find the hare's foot. If the puppy can't find the hunter to specific help; Or the hunter found the rabbit, refers to the dogs, to command the hound find rabbit continue to shun trace; Or a hunter with a hound turn a few laps, where "stuck" kick the hare, that continue to shun trace adults find find again. No matter how the puppy can't literally give up the trail of rabbit and chasing another rabbit, it makes the puppy get into the bad habit of throwing steps. The puppy training tracking. Must pay attention to the following problems; (1) are not allowed to chase down, if you have this kind of problem, the hunter must resolutely correct mandatory. (2) the hound chasing the trace and found another new trail, do not lose the original and chasing new discovery. Otherwise, lost the original after another, constantly, constantly change, finally to accomplish anything. Puppies track, (3) the snow training for inspection instruction for the hunter, like feel good, but against the hound, weak snow beast trace scent, hound distinguishes the olfactory footprint, rather than the visual, must pay attention to the hunter. (4) track field training, must make the hound form lasting endurance. Sharp sense of smell and trace ability, never lose the hound is a valuable advantage.
3. The puppy hunting training:
Puppies are born six months to 10 months after this period of time, is the best time for hunting training. According to the needs of the hunter in the future, can make the following for puppies coach;
Puppies rabbit method: (1) training in order to train the puppy track rabbit, start, can by a person holding the dead run free, and then let go of the puppy. The second step is to capture the training of the ability, the hunter prepared the hare mutilated, or put the rabbit leg tied to some obstacles, on the training ground fled, command the puppy, puppy caught the rabbit, the hunter cut piece of rabbit meat feed it immediately, reward hunting enthusiasm, lighter stitching encouragement. Finally, the hunter to bring the hound to hunting ground field training: the hunter at close range started up the hare and immediately ordered the puppy, when the dogs caught the hare. Hunters will cut piece of rabbit meat to feed it. Through this several times repeated training, the hound of rabbit is developed. In late autumn, early winter without snow season, is to use the best hunting rabbit especially wet without wind of autumn, rabbit trace the smell is very strong, is advantageous to the hounds track. Weak in the snow, rabbit trace the smell, keep the time short, is not conducive to play a role of hound's sense of smell. Therefore, to grasp the favorable opportunity of the puppy training.
Puppies fox-hunting method (2) training: training puppies fox-hunting, little older in puppies, lest be bite by the fox, training, first by the assistant put the prepared fox to the training ground, the fox after coming, immediately ordered the hound. Fox hound caught, hunters to reward the hound meat to eat. Another fox hunting method for training a young dog, is to use experienced adult retriever puppies fox-hunting, lead, fox, big dog caught again ordered the puppies bite, field hunting learning through this a few times, the puppy will soon be able to separate fox hunting. This is the best field for the puppies coach, coach puppies will save hunter a lot of energy. To hunt rabbits dogs are easy to teach foxhunting. Fox trace smell strong, hound chasing fox, excited and nervous, don't lose target. Fox trace is evener, don't like rabbits often appear broken. But fox runs a far distance, large circle, by the hound chasing urgent into caves often hidden, so the hunter to predict fox hole, sent people keep volts. Ambush in fox's size, the hunter must wind concealment, according to hunt ambush procedures strictly enforced, so that the shooting was the hound chasing fox, reduce the hound after work.
Hounds borzoi (3) training method: this method and training of fox hunting method is essentially the same, but the Wolf than fox cunning and fierce, the puppy is larger the borzoi to training.
There are two methods:
(1) prior to the Wolf take the muzzle, lest the puppies bite. Pull the Wolf called puppies bite of choose and employ persons; Holding a Wolf ran again, let the puppy chasing. Often do this, can cultivate the hound borzoi's ability.
(2) the use of adult wolfhound led field borzoi puppies field, in order to ensure safety, should be conducted according to the requirement of the formal borzois. Let the puppy follow hunting, following study, to participate in such several wolves hunt, quickly learned the borzoi puppy.
Use the hound hunting method
1. Use the hound hunting four forms:
(1) single dog hunting method: the hunter led a hound hunting, not a gun, this kind of hunting method called single dog method. Hound has developed SanJiao and obey the nature of the host command, hunters use the hound developed SanJiao search beast, hunting wild animals, biting beast, this is the purpose of single hunting dogs. Is China's vast rural seasonal hunters commonly used method. Rural DongXian, become an outlaw withered leaves, often meet seasonal hunter led single dog chase rabbits. Single hunting dog, only the hound faster than the speed of the beast will succeed, therefore, hunters often use the hound badger hunting in China. Using single dog rabbit, it is the hunters commonly used force method. As a result of the hounds running faster than the beast, have a good effect. Using the hound to capture the beast, the best season is the cold autumn wind, and the day of winter is not too cold. Such a day, less energy consumption of the hound, is conducive to the hound's sense of smell to find. , even on rainy days the heavy rain, mud, jointed, such as heavy snow weather the hound's sense of smell can't give full play to the role, the snow for more than 60 cm deep in snow ground, below 15 ℃ below zero in the windy day, snow melt and then it can't support the hound weight to form thin ice conditions conducive to the hound Mercedes activities such as; Heavy fog screen, also cannot give full play to the role of the hounds. The hunter led single hunting dogs and the dogs to watch master action, master never too far. Hunter with canine search, to quiet, don't talk, don't cry, suitable steps closer to its prey, quietly hound also quietly follow master. Once the beast is started up, the hound immediately chase. If the hound found new steps, and to recover according to trace, the hunter should immediately go to hunting, see whether the new trace has the value of the pursuit. To determine if the dogs have been chasing the beast, hunter beast may be the dogs biting, trot, or run away the high places. If the hunter with a shotgun, preparing an ambush to shoot on the beast beast passage diameter; If the hounds chased the fox, fox and near a hole, the hunter will keep v rushed to fox holes; The badger hunting at night, when the badger trapped, the hound hunters to follow its way of barking, help the hound kill its prey.
(2) the hound, game bird hunting method: the hunters often make use of game bird hunting in our country, in order to improve the efficiency of birds of prey capture, reduce the labor hunter frighten them away the beast, often use the hound to help hunters find a trace, search, their prey from their hidden trap out, longitudinal game bird fly catching hold again, harvest is large, the effect is good. This method is suitable for wide area in grassland, the beach, more commonly used for hunting rabbits and other small animals. If the game bird is golden eagles, also used in foxhunting.
(3) the hound, hunting hunting method: this is the hunters hunting methods in our country, there are three kinds of concrete practice: (1) release the hounds, animals, and let it in the perspective of the hunter search when the hounds started up the beast, or find a beast, to recover homicidal barking, the hunter according to terrain and quickly judge being chased the beast possible pathways, midway ambush volley. Deal with fox cunning animal, must be conducted in accordance with the hidden rules, ambush interception can hardly succeed. Generally, the beast is run in circles, or run into a closed curve, or to return to the nest lurk. Little beast around the great beasts around the circle, small circle, the hound chasing the longer, the more tight, the more do not lose the goal, the hunter gunnery way is, the more opportunities. This is a play. (2) the hunters hunting grounds are in the search, quietly, quietly hound the hunter followed, once started up beasts, shall be in range, the hunter shooting their guns, gun shoot better, if not killed, would put the beast injures, make the dog chase, have a good effect. This method commonly used for hunting rabbits and small animal. Dog can catch up with injured rabbit, fox can catch up with the more injured. Take this shot, it must be the hound, hunter action together. In order not to make the hound leave master, can stay, found that beast, enlarge chase immediately. In order to put the rope quickly, but the guy through the dog's collar, both head knead in the hand of the hunter, then the hunter let go a head. Hound chasing wild animals, the hunter to gunnery beast diameter. (3) or release the hound hunting grounds are in the search, when the dog catch up with the beast, when fighting bulls, beast, hunting wild animals trapped, the hunter shot following the sound. These three methods are good, should by the hound hunting performance and the habits of the hunter.
(4) group of hunting dogs: was the hunter and a method of using a few hounds for hunting. Hunting less than 3 only single force, more than 10 slowdown. Hunting with dogs group of hunting with a shotgun, great beasts and animals, leopard, bear hunting, hunting wild boar, etc. The effect is very good, this is hunter's successful experience in our country. Saw a group of hunters use dogs hunting wild boars, into the control when a fierce dog, other hounds with the dog behind activities, along with the hunter together search. Once the pigs or fresh pig spotted, the hunter command group of pursuit, dog smell to move forward, barking dog group followed head towards the target, the wild boar surrounded. If the pursuit is in those days pigs and sows, dog group often put it down, the hunter arrived, close shot, security can be *, if it is the husband of pigs, surrounded by a hound fight barking, surrounded by wild boar in dogs can not break, the hunter to shoot, the effect is very good also. Guangxi, jiangxi, northeast and other places in China hunters commonly used this law to hunt wild boar.
2. Use only the hound inaugural cuo attention question:
(1) the hound hunting skills is perfect in the hunting. No hunting hunting for a long time, just started hunting don't too tired, so as not to hurt the dog tired, influence of hunting in the future. Hounds running for a long time, want to call them proper rest, especially the weather is warm days, should give some water to drink more, the hounds returned to normal breathing.
(2) the dogs to obey the direction of the hunter, catch the beast not tear, don't hurt skin, run away, don't leave was bitten to death prey bark to stand in situ, waiting for the arrival of the master.
(3) the rabbit and fox hunting dogs can swimming bird hunting. But the hunter wants to have a good animal hunting dog, duck best without it.
(4) the dog was chasing a beast, not the way to go after later met another animal. Only when chasing a rabbit found a fox, just allow the rabbit fox chase.
(5) new steps to barking hounds found, find prey bark, chasing prey will bark. Dog bark hear you from far away to hear. Dog bark often varies between chase the object, chasing a rabbit, bark thin, fox chase excited, barking audio and is well. Experienced hunters use the same hound, three, five days can to judge from the bark dog is running after the rabbit or chased the fox. Hunting dogs barking call problem: found no goal, also found no new steps to bark, lost the beast trace also bark, beast spotted a silent, this is all of the fault. Hounds of these shortcomings, many caused by a sense of smell is ineffective, also have a plenty of young lack of experience, or training when the hunter to relax. These problems must be corrected;
(1) some problems to coach correct when hunting.
(2) the dogs smell is ineffective, the hunter can use dry pepper into the hound's nostrils, blowing once every ten days, twice in a row, take the dog up the mountain, can smell exercise from the hounds.
(3) every time hunting, to hound some fresh meat to eat, this is also a good way to improve the dogs smell.
Measures of dog breeding and management
1. The hound feeding: the importance of the hound hunting ranch fruit, not only depends on the hound varieties and training, also depends on the hound strength. The hound physical good or bad, depends on the breeding and management. If the puppy malnutrition, I grew up poor health will. Hunting hunting trip hundreds kilometers a day, weak dogs can't insist, fat dogs easily fatigue, thus the hound feeding pipe is important.
2. The hound feeding principle: the hound is a carnivorous animal domestication, nutritional needs protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water, and most of these nutrients contained in meat, fish, cereals, bone powder and fresh vegetables, and therefore, according to the age, proper collocation. Puppies and pregnant dogs to add some calcium. Feed fresh vegetables must be washed, chopped. It is advisable to feeding temperature to 25 degrees or so. Can cool in summer, winter can be hot, but can't feed too hot food, don't feed the rotting food, so as not to affect the health of the hound. Winter to feed more contain the food with fat, to increase the heat energy, improve the cold resistance ability.
3. The puppy feeding and management, about 50 days weaning puppies are born, independent feeding. Just weaning puppies, to feed some milk and other food easy to digest. Puppy 2-4 months, to feed more nutritious food, and feed some raw meat, raw fish, fresh vegetables and bone meal. But not every time feed is too full. Hello to the point of no too full, can cause the puppy indigestion, seriously affect the development. With a few much food advisable. Full of puppy love to sleep, hungry pups up continuously, continuously light bark, then to feed it.
4. The hound hunting period of feeding, management: the hunting period can feed some leftovers. But the management is very important, the hunter always hunting with hounds training sex, make the hound hunting performance continuously consolidate and develop. If long-term interrupt hunting, hunting hounds existing performance will be degraded.
5. The dogs in the period of feeding, management: hunting season, the hounds running long distances, the amount of labor is very big, every day at this time to feed some meat, wheat powder and grain food, such as concentrated feed, the body needs to ensure that the hound. There are two kinds of method of hunting when feeding the dogs; (1) the dog feed to about fifty percent full, before hunting hunting ground work for a while before feeding some fresh meat birds and beasts, continue to work again after feeding, make it follow the master, always stay strong incentive to hunt. (2) another way, it is in before you go to feed the hound some meat and the best quality of wheat products such as food, feed to seven, eighty percent full, such as hunting over again full feeding leftovers and fresh meat birds and beasts, drinking water, can make the hound energetic, flexible. But the end of a day's hunting, back to home full feed dog also shoulds not be too much. Hunters hunting harvest, not for happy to feed the dogs too full of meat Do this often, adverse to the health of the hounds. During the hunting, the hunter to the health of the hound to check every day. Have a trauma to treatment, with a tick to eliminate, summer training back to wash hair, hair removal period to comb the hair removal, to keep the dog body clean.